Monday, February 18, 2019

The Two Chapos

Excerpt from Bordeland Beat book - Chapter "The Execution of two Chapos."

**** Caution, graphic violent content, discretion advised ****
"When both men are finished talking, it’s time to pay the piper. Both men then appeared frozen in time, staring in to the distance, as if in a trance, living but already dead. Perhaps they were heavily drugged so they didn't kick and scream during the brutal nightmare. Fear itself will not numb anyone enough to face this level of evil directly in the eye. Even the sound of the chainsaw does not break their trance.

The uncle is first; he grimaces as the chainsaw spews blood, flesh and bone, as it tears through his throat, separating his head from his body. The chainsaw accidentally cuts the arm of the nephew sitting right next to the uncle during the violent massacre, but he doesn’t flinch.

The second man, the young nephew, is decapitated with a knife, and while the knife is cutting through his throat, he makes a last attempt to scream out, but his vocal chords have been severed, and all one can hear is a faint whimpering sound, the last breath of a man that was way too young to die.

The ghastly chilling gurgling sounds coming out of his perforated wind pipe, followed by the grinding sounds as the knife breaks through the spinal cord, finally frees his head from his body, ending the most repulsive, heinous and gruesome act witness on video.

In a normal world one would say, wake up it’s only a nightmare, but this is real, repeating itself every day somewhere in old Mexico."

Warning, graphic video on next page is extremely graphic.

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