Saturday, February 23, 2019

Rocky Point - Sonora

Excerpt from Borderland Beat book - Chapter - Rocky Point - Sonora

We made it to Puerto Penasco and had a very good time with no issues whatsoever.  On our way back to Albuquerque, we drove the U.S. side of the border.

In 2008 there were a lot of Mexican cops that were killed or caught actively colluding with organized crime in the state of Sonora.

Later, while I tried to do some research of the so-called Dos Mil, who was mentioned in our trip I got an idea of who this person might be. It was none other than Francisco Hernandez Garcia alias "El 2000," or "El Panchillo," who was at one time a drug lord of the Beltrán Leyva  Brothers Organization Cartel (BLO).

It is said that "El 2000" allied himself with Los Zetas after he felt betrayed by the BLO. The Zetas had a feud with the BLO who at one time sent one of their Lieutenants, Édgar Valdés Villarreal “La Barbie” to the state of Tamaulipas to help the Gulf Cartel take over the gulf region. There is a video that went viral on social media where La Barbie is seen torturing and executing four members of Los Zetas. Suddenly “El 2000” felt that he needed to control his turf, specifically police officers working with and for Sinaloa and BLO.

In 2006 they found the head of a local cop wrapped in silver duct tape. They had used a knife to pin a note with a message in his chest. As a final touch, they left a hand grenade by the corpse—a calling card, of sorts.

The note read:
“Miren ojetes, la pelea no es con el gobierno, es con Arturo Beltrán y La Barbie (Édgar Valdés Villarreal) –capos del cártel de Sinaloa– Todos los judiciales y municipales que estén con ellos se van a morir: Carlos Bojórquez, Andrés Sánchez (PJE), Manuel Ángel Barrios Mo PJE.”

And on the back it read: “Policías Municipales… Urrea… Almaraz… tienen 24 horas para salir del estado, todos los policías que estén con la maña morirán Att El 2000 y aliados.”

Somewhat it translates: "Listen here assholes, our fight is not with the government; it's with Arturo Beltrán Leyva and La Barbie of the Sinaloa Cartel. All the state and city police who are with them will die."

It contained at least 10 names of police officers from around the state of Sonora who were targeted for execution, and it was signed “ El 2000 and allies."

Cananea narco-trafficker “Dos Mil” had risen to power by eliminating the established Sonoran narco-families and could kill you just for looking at him the wrong way. He controlled the Sonora region and ruled with total impunity. That is who my brother risk his life for, just for flirting innocently with the girlfriend of a bad hombre.

Video of La Barbie interrogating four members of Los Zetas before being executed. Noticed the black plastic in the back that is placed there to protect the wall and floor from the blood.

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