Friday, February 22, 2019

Glimpse of Hope

Excerpt from Borderland Beat book - Chapter - Glimpse of Hope

In 2008 the Sinaloa cartel was attempting to take over the Ciudad Juarez plaza from the Juarez cartel and both cartels were in a fierce battle in the city of Juarez. Juarez is a popular hub for drug trafficking in to the USA. In 2007 Juarez was considered to be one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Juarez is on the border of El Paso, Texas.

I did find the brief article of the incident in a newspaper of Juarez.

On the date in question, Dad was driving a gold sedan, mom was in the front passenger seat, little brother was on the right rear seat behind his mother and Alicia was on the left rear seat behind her father. While the car stopped for a traffic light, two vehicles blocked their path from the front and rear. Two men armed with assault rifles came up to the car from both sides and opened fire on the Dad, mother and little boy. They were killed instantly. The man on the left side that had just shot and killed dad was supposed to shoot Alicia but he did not. He pointed his gun at her and at the last moment did not shoot. Perhaps he had a little girl himself and felt compassion, who knows. This was done at mid-day in a crowded street with many people witnessing the execution. No one was ever brought to justice for the execution.

It was just another day in Juarez.

They eventually found a cache of weapons in the trunk of the car and a substantial amount of US currency ($30,000). Mexican authorities suspected that the dad had ties to the Juarez cartel and was a matter of “ajuste de cuentas,” or “settling of scores” a phrase I would later hear often after reading about an execution. He was known to be a lieutenant for “La Linea,” the armed wing of the Juarez

It was around this time that I started reading a lot about organize crime in Mexico, and I was shocked at the amount and extend of violence on the other side of the US border. I learned that the homicide rate was spiraling out of control in Ciudad Juarez. Yet, the US was blind to it all.

To this point I had never heard of La Linea, but later, I made sure I did..

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