Sunday, February 24, 2019

The Curse of Cusarare

Excerpt from Borderland Beat book - Chapter - The Curse of Cusarare 

As Everest approached the curve I noticed that he had moved to the center of the lane because there was a person in a yellow jacket riding a bicycle on the right side real close to the edge of the steel guardrail.  Everest approached the curve with his motorcycle on the center of the yellow line of the road and he was gaining on the bicyclist.  As he accelerated and leaned into the curve he came side-by-side of the person on the bicycle. Suddenly the bicyclist made a quick left turn toward the middle of the road and right into the path of Everest and his motorcycle.

Everest didn't have time to react and t-boned the bicyclist straight on. There was a loud crashing sound, and the bicyclist flew 20 feet through the air as a result of being hit by a motorcycle at full speed. Everest and his bike went down on the right side. The impact and momentum of the crash propelled Everest over his bike and he slid on the pavement about 15 feet in front of his motorcycle.

 I  looked for a safe place to park my bike. It seemed like everything was in slow motion; every movement was fluid as I stopped my bike, placed the kick stand down, turned the key to shut off the engine, dismounted, and took off my helmet and placed it on the ground.

Everest's motorcycle was on its right side, still in the middle of the road, and Everest was on the ground on his side facing away from me. He was the first person I was able to reach. He still had his helmet on but his face shield was gone.

I called to him but got no response. He was not moving at all. I got really close to him, called out his name about four times but still got no response. I opened one of his his eye lids and noticed that his eye was also not responsive. I immediately started to feel for a pulse on his right wrist but I wasn't certain there was one. My own heart was racing fast and I was breathing hard because I had run to get to Everest.

I was breathing too hard, and that wasn't helping me. I was a trained first responder and I knew I had to calm down if I was going to be of any help. But the problem is, a crash or catastrophe is never easy when it involves someone you know. Somehow I calmed down and was finally able to detect a pulse from Everest.

Then I ran toward the other person and realized that he was a small Indian boy about 10 years old. His whole body was shaking in spasms and his eyes were wide open and fixed up to the top of his head. His mouth was open and he looked like he was going into shock. Blood streamed down his face and I knew he had some sort of head trauma. Both the boy and Everest were in the middle of the highway and I knew I had to do something.

I looked behind me to see if there was any traffic coming but there was only the empty highway and another blue sign announcing the approach to Cusarare.

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