Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The Encounter with the Drunk Sicarios

From Borderland Beat book - Chapter - The Encounter with the Drunk Sicarios

We continued to ride, it was starting to get late and we were not sure how far we were from Urique. As we came around a bend and started to climb a hill, I could see a large white truck coming down the hill. I could see several Indian men on the back of the truck. There was a narrow gap between some trees just enough for the truck to fit. Everest managed to cross the gap before the truck made it through. He sped up the hill and I had to wait for the truck to make it through the gap so I could get through.

But the truck stopped in the middle of the gap blocking my path.

I could see two men inside the cab of the truck. Suddenly the driver got out and I could see he was wearing a military jacket with blue pants. He was carrying an assault rifle, AR-15.

I did not like this a bit. I knew this was extremely dangerous. We were deep in the vast empty mountains and the whole scene was not right. I started to look around me, looking for options.

I tried to back up to turn around fast, but he was moving too fast toward me. I then saw that the passenger had also exited his truck and he also was armed with an assault rifle. I became afraid of what they might do and for a second, I thought of ditching my bike and running as fast as I could, but I knew I didn't have time to do anything.

I could see that Everest was reaching the top of the hill kicking dust in the distance.

I thought to myself, "stop, don't panic, think." I focused my attention on the two men quickly approaching me, trying to see signs or red flags. The driver had his trigger finger extended on his weapon while the passenger had his finger resting on the trigger of his weapon. As the driver got closer, I could see the hat he was wearing said "Urique police." Out here that did not mean shit. Most municipal police are actively colluding with organize crime.

I could very easily be killed here on the spot and my body not found for days. And it will not matter, I would be just another casualty of many.

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