Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The House of Death

Excerpts from Borderland Beat book - Chapter - The House of Death

"A Mexican attorney by the name of Fernando Reyes was looking for a way to cross a load of weed across the border. Lalo can make it happen for him, he knows all the contacts. Lalo has brought Fernando to this little house in the city of Juarez. Fernando doesn't know it yet but he has walked in to a trap. Hiding in one of the rooms of the house are also two police officers from the state police of Chihuahua.

Fernando is unaware, but they are here to kill him.

As Fernando is talking to Lalo, one of the police officers comes out of one of the rooms and puts the barrel of a gun to his face. Fernando pleads for his life, he knows he is in trouble. They decide not using the gun, it’s too loud, they can't take any chances.

This house is located in a middle-class neighborhood and people will call the police here if they hear gunshots. Fernando screams in panic. They tape his mouth shut in attempts to stifle the loud screams. Fernando fights back, kicking and swinging his arm, so they take him down to the floor. But it's not easy, Fernando is fighting for his life. Lalo helps to restrain Fernando while one of the officers wraps an extension chords around the neck of Fernando. Fernando knows his death is certain but continues to fight. He does not want to die like this, but is futile, he finally lays motionless as his life is snuffed from him.

The officers split $2,000 for killing a suspected drug trafficker known as “Fernando.”

Fernando is dead and they have his dope. Santillan (a top lieutenant in the powerful Juarez cartel organization) congratulates Lalo, he tells him that Vicente Carrillo Fuentes will be happy."

Guillermo Eduardo Ramírez Peyro "Lalo"

Heriberto Santillán Tabares El Ingeniero

Chihuahua Sate Police Commander Miguel Ángel Loya Gallegos

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