Monday, March 4, 2019

Creel in the Sierra Tarahumara Country

Excerpt from Borderland Beat book - Chapter - Creel in the Sierra Tarahumara Country  

The incident was recorded in the early morning of March 15, 2010 in Creel, Chihuahua Mexico where they have been previous major mass executions.

For over two hours heavily armed sicarios took over the town in a large convoy of trucks blocking streets and setting up road blocks. The video clearly records the faces of the thugs, even when they are using cocaine almost at hands full from a plastic bag. You can also see how they beat and terrorize passing drivers who happened to drive by in their vehicles by the crime spree.

Another portion of the video shows two gunmen intercepting a car and sequestering the driver. Later in the video, the men shoot two people in an SUV.

In the video, gunmen are shown approaching the passenger side of a vehicle to receive what appears to be an order for the killings. A man holding a large gun in the passenger seat also is seen taking a white substance and putting it in his nose several times.

In some of the most shocking footage, armed men are seen running across a field before reaching the doors of a housing complex and opening fire into the doors and windows of the residence.

All the details of the killing of tens of mercenaries on board a dozen trucks were recorded by the State Police and for good reason people questions why the authorities did nothing to pursue the murderers. The state authorities are moving and zooming the video cameras for 90 minutes while the sicarios walked around with long rifles and proceeded to terrorize the public and target people for execution, in the meantime the authorities watching all this did nothing to stop them.

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