Saturday, March 9, 2019

Other Contributors

Excerpts from Borderland Beat book - Chapter - Other Contributors 

There were many other contributors that I know decided to move on to better things in life, recapturing their personal life, before it got snuffed by the dark side of reporting on brutal, violent narco life in Mexico.

The longest collaborator is Chivis, who has a huge knowledge of the Mexican Drug Cartels. She took over the management of Borderland Beat and is still active running the blog today.
El Semanario wrote this at the time when things were getting started on BB on the reporting of the narco world in Mexico in an article titled “Uncensored.”

“This dangerous empty space of information is being filled, for the good or for the bad, by the blogs. A former policeman and Texas marine, who conceals his real identity under the pseudonym "Buggs" (madman, in the slang of the lower class), is the founder of Borderland Beat ( A popular blog that almost never censures anything and that mixes macabre videos and photographs with graphic information of main stream media sources. This weekend he posted the pictures of the alleged criminals from San Fernando that the Mexican press felts was too risky to report. For the American cyber audience that it has attracted because it's being written in English, unlike the Blog del Narco that is written in Spanish. (Borderland Beat) has become a source of must-read source for law enforcement, judicial officials, military and in particular the general public.”

The ride on working on the Borderland Beat Project had just began and it was going to be a bumpy ride, something that I never expected.

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