Friday, July 26, 2019

Black Hawks Over Rocky Point

Excerpts from Borderland Beat book - Chapter - Black Hawks Over Rocky Point

Black Hawk providing cover in Rocky Point
In the morning of December 18, 2013 special naval forces arrived at Las Palomas, in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora and started to secure the area, setting up a perimeter, evacuating civilians and reading their weapons on lock and load.

The shooting began immediately. The response of El Macho Prieto's bodyguards was so violent that the element of surprise was lost. The intervention of two American manufactured Black Hawk helicopters was necessary, whose .50 caliber weapons wreaked havoc on the cars of the sicarios.

Immediately several vehicles attempted to flee at high speed but were fired upon from one of the helicopters causing the trucks to catch on fire and crash in a small gazebo located at the exit of the condominiums. There were two casualties, one near the truck, another on the sidewalk. Federal Police would report that two Black Hawk helicopters fired at least 10 vehicles. The burned vehicles from the firepower of the two helicopters could be seen outside the condominium complex.

Macho Prieto on the left and one of his sicarios with AK-47
with high capacity drum magazine
Simultaneously, at the entrance of the condominiums there was another confrontation, that resulted in one sicario being killed found lying on the ground next to a AK-47 at his side that was equipped with a high capacity drum magazine.

There were more shots fired at the entrance to the hall of the condominiums, the walls of the building were left with bullet holes from bursts of gunfire and blood splattered on the walls and in the ground.

Inside the rooms the battle lasted a long time, at least two hours. Afterwards reinforcements of El Macho Prieto began arriving, and federal forces tried to stop them from reaching the Bella Sirena.

Macho Prieto
Two cars blocked the entrance so more cars with El Macho Prieto's reinforcements could not enter.

The other two bodies were left on the ground in the middle of the round-abound circle of the street, without police securing the scene, not even the yellow tape that is typically used to protect a crime scene. For hours, residents of Peñasco drove by the crime scene, took pictures and video with their cellular phones of the bodies and burned vehicles, and uploaded them on to social media.

One of the victims on the ground was none other than El Macho Prieto, except that his body was taken away by his people before police could secure the scene.

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