Thursday, July 25, 2019

They Killed El Ondeado

Excerpts from Borderland Beat book - Chapter - They killed El Ondeado

A few weeks later, on April 18, another Torres, this one the son of Manuel, Atanasio Torres Acosta, "El Tachio", was murdered by rival members of the Beltrán-Leyva Cartel. During the ambush attack Manuel Torres' daughter Alondra (aged 4) was injured along with his sister-in-law Sandra Rivas Heredia.  This happened right next to the building of the Health Ministry, in the Montebello residential district.

Police located one of the vehicles apparently used by the gunmen. A red Tsuru (Mexico's version of the Nissan Sentra), where they found AK-47 rifles with a message: "On behalf of your friend [Arturo] and his buddies Los Zetas. So you can remember, Manuel Torres." 

Manuel Torres went crazy with the death of his son, whose wake was held in one of his houses in the valley. That same night and the next day while they were keeping vigil over Atanasio's body, Manuel Torres was taking his revenge on young men that his gunmen were picking up and taking to his home for him to torture. The death of Anastasio marked the beginning of the cartel war in the state of Sinaloa. Manuel Torres became one of the most dangerous drug traffickers in Sinaloa where hundreds of deaths were attributed to his commandos.

Nothing stopped him. All over the city, headless bodies started to appear, mutilated, with messages alluding to Tachio's murder. No death, no limit, could contain his thirst for vengeance until his death.

The cartels were at war, but he was fighting his own war in the name of his son and the pain he had suffered.

At the place where his son was murdered, they started throwing decapitated bodies, one of them that of Barcelo Villagran, who had been the commander of the Ministerial Police and chief of the Centauro Group. They cut off both legs, decapitated him and cut open his back with a knife while he was still alive.

On the morning of October 16, 2012, three days after the death of Manuel Torres, at least three "narcomantas" (narcobanners) appeared throughout the city of Culiacán denouncing Ismael Zambada García of betraying and setting up Maneul Torres to be killed by the Mexican military.

Manuel Torres Felix was not even in the files of the PGR, much less in those of the State Department of Justice. In September 2008 under the Operation Sinaloa, the Mexican military located a safe house owned by Manuel Torres, where they confiscated several firearms, narcotics, radio communications equipment, and an armored vehicle. The Mexican military also found a photo of Manuel Torres accompanied by Misael Torres Urrea, nicknamed El M2, his nephew and son of Javier Torres Felix. Manuel Torres was placed on the most wanted drug traffickers list under the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act by the U.S. government on June 1, 2011, along with Gonzalo Inzunza Inzunza (a.k.a. El Macho Prieto), another high-ranking lieutenant of the Sinaloa cartel.

A narcocorrido of the Movimiento Alterado subgenere, sung by the musical groups Bukanas De Culiacan, El Komander, Los Buitres de Culiacan, Los Buchones de Culiacan, Rogelio Martinez el RM, Los Nuevos Elegantes, Noel Torres, Erik Estrada, Oscar Garcia, and Los 2 Primos and titled Sanguinarios del M1 on YouTube ("The Bloodthirsty of M1") exalts Torres Félix for leaving decapitated and mutilated bodies in the trunk of cars as a message to his rivals. The lyrics of the song dedicated to Torres Félix start with the following:

With an AK-47 and a bazooka on our heads
cutting off heads that cross our path
We're bloodthirsty and crazy – We love to kill
Bullets fired and extortions carried out, just like the best of us
Always in a convoy of armored cars, wearing bullet-proof vests and ready to execute people.

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