Saturday, April 11, 2020

“Lobo” the Brother of “Jaguar” Dies in a Madera Confrontation along with a Nephew.

I wanted to give an update on the event that occurred during the afternoon of Friday, April 3, 2020, where a confrontation between two criminal groups against “Gente Nueva del Jaguar y sus Lobos,” resulted in the death of 19 sicarios and one detained in a breach of la Norteña to Chuhuichupa, municipality of Madera, Chih. The information has more pictures of the sicarios killed in full tactical gear, some in full military uniforms. This is an update to the series of what I been reporting of the recent fighting between cells of the CDS and La Linea  in the Sonora/Chihuahua region.

This was reported by chivis on on April 4, 2020 and April 7, 2019.

After the armed confrontation that was registered in this rural road between the communities of Chuhuichupa and the Northern municipality of Madera, Uriel Arvizu, alias el "Morito", nephew of El Jaguar and Jose Luis Arvizu Márquez, alias el "Lobo", lost their lives in the firefight. El Lobo is the brother of the alleged criminal leader Francisco Javier Arvizu Márquez aka “El Jaguar”.

El Lobo had been arrested in February of this year in the Norteña community after an operation led by the State Attorney General's Office (FGE), the State Security Commission (CES) and the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena), where authorities seized a firearm, a vehicle and more than 3,500 rounds of ammunition, but was released for not having any direct accusations against him.

Well, this criminal group receives support in Sonora, from the group called Los Paredes, led by Marco Antonio Paredes Ponce, alias “el Junior” and Martin Siqueiros, alias “Tin Tin”, who supports “el Jaguar” with financial and strategic resources, in Madera, Chihuahua.

After the capture of El Lobo, the attorney general César Peniche Espejel, reported that “El Lobo” was identified as an important part of the criminal structure that his brother commands in the area of ​​Las Pomas and El Largo Maderal. Many were demanding answers on why he would be released from custody knowing that he is an active criminal cartel operative?.

He added that although the Prosecutor's Office has an investigation folder that describes the entire criminal organization to which El “Lobo” belongs, there was no direct accusation against him for the commission of a specific crime for the reason he was released.

According to data provided by the detainee identified as 18-year-old Tomas EE, a member of the "Jaguar" criminal group, they were ambushed by members of "La Línea" criminal group, and lastly indicated that they were travelling in command of  José Luis Arvizu. Márquez, "Alias ​​el Lobo" and his son Ariel Arvizu "Alias ​​el Morito", who lost their lives in the confrontation.

Elements of the State Attorney General's Office, in coordination with personnel from the State Security Commission (CES) and Secretary of National Defense (Sedena), appeared at the scene after reports from emergency communications from the people in the region and did not have much information on the people responsible who possibly escaped to other communities in the Sierra Tarahumara.

With the objective of guaranteeing the safety of citizens, the presence of the Armed, State and Federal Forces will remain in the region, in addition to the fact that an air and land search operation is in effect in order to find those responsible for the armed confrontation registered on Friday, April 3, 2020 .

Some of the pictures of the scene after the bodies were removed.

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