Monday, April 13, 2020

Martin Torres, El Chupon

By Buggs for Borderland Beat, 
Anonymous Source.

Martin Torres, aka "El Chupon"
Martin Torres, aka "El Chupon" or "El Rey de los Suicidazos." They called him that because he was never arrested when he was crossing marijuana into the United States and his aggressive driving skills. He was the head of sicarios in Agua Prieta when he was abducted and killed in the war that the people of Tin Tin had against Toltecas/Gil G3. 

He was a friend of Gildardo Palomino Nieblas "El G3." Chupon he grew up under the hand of Armando Moreno, El Mandy boss of the Plaza in Agua Prieta, as did G3. After Mandy's death, El Chupon started a war against El 20 by cleaning up Agua Prieta, earning his place as head of sicarios. After, he had settle of scores (ajuste de cuentas) with "Tin Tin and leonel Toscano "El Tigre."

El Chupon and G3 formed an armed wing to fight the war in Chihuahua against La Linea, cleaning up in municipalities in Chihuahua in retaliation for the death of "El L100" or "Panchon" sicario boss in Agua Prieta. It is said that his death was attributed to the bad relationship between the G3 and Tin Tin, who accused him of treason since Tin Tin accused him of an attack that was perpetuated against Tin Tin and Leonel Toscano, El Tigre.

El Chupon and the G3 no longer wanted to go to war in Chihuahua, since there was no money for the sicarios and it was getting expensive. They argued that there was no money for them, it was just about the war and they were fed up with supporting the people of "El Jaguar.

El Cupon and El G3 had a passion for soccer and won many championships.

In the top row Martin Torres, El Chupon - black cap - on his right side is Gildardo Palomino Nieblas, El G3

One of the passions that g3 and Chupon had was soccer, being champions several times with the Atletico Bondojo team, here a photo with Armando Moreno, El Mandy, their team sponsor - dressed in black and blue boots.

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