Thursday, April 23, 2020

Violence in Sonora Continues Unabated

By Buggs for Borderland Beat
Many sources to include some anonymous

An intense shootout happened in Cibuta, south of the city of Nogales.

As a result of the firefight, two men were killed, 4 vehicles were riddled with gunfire while another was set on fire. One of the vehicles was an armored black Jeep Cherokee that sustained more than 100 impacts from long guns.

This confrontation is just one more act of violence that has increased in Sonora. Three days ago four men were killed and one injured by an armed commando in Caborca.

These attacks were attributed to a criminal group operating in Sonora, who are believed to have beef with drug trafficker Rafael Caro Quintero who has an active warrant from the U.S.

Under the command of Caro Quintero are members identified as Nacho Paez, Tavo Paez, Rodrigo Paez Quintero el "Lito o "R," Oscar Pascual de la Rocha "Chapon" and Jesus Darío Murrieta Navarro "Cara de Cochi."

This criminal group was also recently pointed out by the federal government as playing a part in some of the violent robberies of mines that have occurred in Sonora, along with extorting immigrants by demanding large sums of money from their family members in the United States in exchange for their released.

This comes during a period of calm in Sonora that previously saw a low crime rate.

The plazas in Sonora are starting to heat up, there are new fragmentations in Nogales. It appears that there people of La Gente Nueva del 5 loyal to Los Chapitos fighting against the people of Gigio who are loyal to Mayo Zambada. A while back a large command of sicarios, people of El Cazador de Caborca, started to support the Gente Nueva del 5, because they had killed the compadre of El 5, a man that goes by JJ. They were blaming Gigio for the execution. There were videos posted in social media of a large convoy of sicarios in Magdalena, Sonora.

 The plaza of Magdalena has been heating up when the plaza boss El 7 of the Gente Nueva from Jabalí, Sonora who is also known as El Placas.

With this increase in violence continues the fight for control of plazas in Sonora, that includes the plazas of of Agua Prieta, Santa Ana, Magdalena, Nogales, Caborca, San Luis Rio Colorado, Puerto Peñasco, Yecora, Hermosillo, CD Obregón, Guaymas and Empalme.

There are some point we need to understand:

1.) The Paez were always plaza bosses in caborca; Ignacio Paez El Padre, Nachillo Paez, Luis Paez El L7, Giovanny Paez etc. . . From this group came People loyal to the Paez, Los Paleteros, their boss Felix Jauregui El Paletero, Chapo de la Rocha, Negro Sabori and Nini Beltran. 

When they arrested Nachillo Paez El 011, this left Negro Savori as boss but later he was also arrested. After the arrest of Negro Savori, Felix Jauregui El Paletero became plaza boss of Caborca ​​and Altar. They killed El Paletero leaving his compadre El KB as the boss but he was then also killed in Guadalajara when the CJNG was in full swing in Guadalajara. After El KB, remained El Cazador o El Noveno who is the current plaza boss in Altar and Caborca. They are La Gente Nueva del Casador loyal to Los Chapitos.

Los Chapitos

2.) El Chapo de Rocha became people of the Beltran Leyva and loyal to Los Paez while Nini Beltran stayed with the people of Mayo Zambada. Los Paez worked for El Chapo Guzman, except that in the 80s and 90 Ignacio Paez El Padre worked with Rafael Caro Quintero.

3.) There is talk of a possible confrontation between Los Paez who are supported by Rafa Caro Quintero against the people of El Cazador of Caborca  and El 5 of Nogales, who are people of Los Chapitos. At first glance this would seem surprising because to be able to sustain two fronts of war, one must possess a lot of sources in money, weapons and men. If this is the case of Los Paez, then they are surging and gaining strength once again.

4.) The leader of Los Paez is the son or brother of Nachillo Paez El 011, his name is Rodrigo Paez. There is talk of a possible breakup. Not sure at what time this happened but El Cazador did not accept the Paez family taking control again. Los Paez then sought financing and an alliance with a very important cartel and important drug trafficker figure, Rafa Caro Quintero.

5.) El Cazador gave his support to El 5 because Gigio of Nogales, who is loyal to Mayo Zambada killed JJ, who was compadre of El 5. That is when there were large convoys of sicarios in Magdalena belonging to El Cazador o El Noveno that were seen on videos uploaded to social networks (Snapchat).

6.) Today's attack in Cibuta was against El 5 of Nogales in his own turf. This points to two possible scenarios; It's the fight that continues against El Gigio, who are people of Zambada or is it against the people of Rafa Caro Quintero. If it's with Los Paez, we are witnessing the resurgence of a large group of drug traffickers in Sonora.

7.) There is talk of possible alliances  forged by Rafa Caro Quintero to fight against the people of the Sinaloa Cartel in Sonora. Examples: In Ciudad Obregon, Guaymas and Empalme there is talk of the Telcel group loyal to the cadet and nephew of Rafa Caro Quintero who is fighting with El Pirata who is loyal to La Gente Nueva de Salazar and who are people of the Sinaloa Cartel.

Another possibility is said that the group who is operating independently of the Bournes brothers who have an alliance with La Linea, are now in an alliance with Rafael Caro Quintero to fight La Gente Nueva of El M100 of Marcos Paredes El Junior and Martin Siqueiros El Tin Tin of the Sinaloa cartel. They are possibly fighting in Yecora, Maycoba and Rosario Tesopaco. They are supporting their other alliance with Freddy Calles El Tolteca and Gildardo Nieblas El G3 in order to fight the high sierra range of Sonora and the border of Agua Prieta.

At this moment Rafa Caro Quintero apparently wants to regain his base in Caborca ​​Sonora with the support given to him by Los Paez and confronting La Gente Nueva del Cazador loyal to Los Chapitos.

8.) Then it may be possible that Rafa Caro Quintero wants to take away the most valuable state of Sonora from the Sinaloa Cartel, the gateway to trafficking of drugs to the United States.

9.) If true we can say that Rafa Caro Quintero wants to take Los Chapitos out of the game and what is interesting,  there have been no confrontations with the people of Mayo Zambada. Perhaps, something big is brewing, perhaps!

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