Sunday, May 24, 2020

Too Much Cross Information of the Conflict to Take Control of Sonora

By Buggs for Borderland Beat

I have a source that told me something very different from the problem between El Gigio that is supposedly fighting against El Noveno. I present you these 14 points to consider to make some sense of the conflict taking place in the northern part of Sonora.

  1. According to my information, the reason for this fight that has been seen in Sonora is that it started when El JJ who is a collaborator of El Gigio was executed and the person responsible was El 5 who is people of Alfredo Salazar aligned with Los Chapitos.
  2. Except my source says that El JJ was actually executed by people of Caro Quintero in retaliation for the death of a collaborator of Caro Quintero at the hands of El JJ.

Los Salazar

By Buggs for Borderland Beat

Some people had asked me about more information in relation to Los Salazares that operate in the states of Sonora and part of Chihuahua.

Lat's talk Los Salazares,

Los Salazares is a group that has been leading drug trafficking operations since the 1990s in Sonora. They originated from Chinipas, Chihuahua.

The group is recognized by Mexican and United States authorities as the main operators of the Sinaloa cartel in the state of Sonora, specifically in the trafficking of drugs for distribution into the United States.

Their areas of operations are the strip of the borders of the states of Sonora and Chihuahua, as well as the international border of Sonora with the United States. Their best known home bases of operations are Navojoa, Sonora and Chinipas, Chihuahua.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Nogales or La Nogalera

By Buggs for Borderland Beat

Some people had been asking me about Nogales, who is in charge, why so calm, is the conflict in the state of Sonora trying to reach Nogales. Who are the players?

Let's talk Nogales.

Nogales, Sonora is considered one of the greatest doors in the border for the shipment of illicit drugs to the United States. Nogales was also considered in it's time as the "city of tunnels" for the large number of tunnel seizures used to cross dope to the united states. The Sinaloa cartel was responsible for funding, directing and building these tunnels in the Sonora border.

The city has been linked to some of  the biggest drug traffickers in the Mexican narco history, mainly from the Sinaloa cartel, specially during the great heyday of the 1980s and 1990s of the famous Guadalajara cartel that was led by Miguel Ángel Felix Gallardo, Rafael Caro Quintero and Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo. After the distribution of plazas made by the Guadalajara cartel, Emilio Quintero Payan was sent to the city of Nogales as head of the plaza for the Guadalajara cartel.

Los Numeros or Los Gueritos of the Enriquez Parra Family

By Buggs for Borderland Beat

Narcocorridos play an important role in the cartel culture, many artists that play narcocorridos have been killed. You can find many articles in Borderland Beat, in some cases the entire group was killed. Many, for just singing corridos paying homage to a rival cartel or some for singing about real time events. Criminal cases have been solved from the messages of these song. One just has to listen to the verses, the writing is in the songs.

This story starts and ends with narcocorridos.

These are some verses of the corrido called  Los Cuatro Grandes or El Cuadro Lavado composed by Darey Castro and his group Los Alteños de la Sierra (video at the end of the page) dedicated to the Enriquez Parra brothers, allied with the Beltran Leyva brothers and associated with El Chapo Guzman and Mayo Zambada. Their home base was the municipality of Navojoa, Sonora and they were the main operators in the south of the state up to the border of Sonoyta and Cananea.

The history of the Enriquez Parra begins with a corrido, the verses of this corrido narrates what their activities were and with whom they were related:

By Orders of the Cartel

By Buggs for Borderland Beat

First of all let me give kudos to Borderland Beat's Chivis for being one of the first to break the story on El Chino Antrax death. I was also calling people, but I focused on Mexico and my confirmation came hours after Chivis posted the story. This is a prime example of the legitimacy of the Borderland Beat and all the followers who play an important role in the duty to inform on the Mexican drugs cartels. We are certainly proud of our Chivis for sure!

Let's talk Chino Antrax

On May 16, 2020, the famous boss of sicarios of Mayo Zambada and founder of the bloody group known as "Los Anthrax," José rodrigo Aréchiga Gamboa "El Chino Antrax" was found executed. "El 5.7" as he was also known was executed after serving so many years and defending to death the organization that one day saw him grow.

El Chapo Isidro

El Chino represented a threat to the cartel, treason, a hindrance, and by order of the cartel he was eliminated. A similar case happened with Jesus Carlos Salmon Higuera "El Macaco" who belonged to the faction of El Chapo Isidro of the Beltran Leyva brothers.

The Fracture of CDS in Sonora

Buggs for Borderland Beat

A recording of an alleged member of a cell that was supposedly running in a convoy was sent to me. He talks about operations in Sonora.

The sicario is talking about which side the authority is on, he says: the municipal and state are with the Noveno and the national guard are on the side of the the people of El 20, the brother of the Gigio. He says that 92 trucks will go down from the ejidos of Mascareñas and San Lazaro, these ejidos are near Nogales, Sonora.

Felipe De Jesús Sosa Canizales "El Gigio" and Leonardo López "El 20" or "Nayo" they are the Lieutenants in Sonora of El Mayo Zambada.

There has been so much activity, it feels like it's ready to explode. I been getting a lot of information and constantly trying to get confirmation is hard to do, there is a lot of fake news. There are people with ulterior motives try to sway public opinion to one side or the other. We even see it playing out on the comments of Borderland Beat. This pace of information, some not vetted or sometimes easily known to be fake information can be problematic.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Conflict in Magdalena

By Buggs for Borderland Beat

A lot of people have been asking me about more details on the recent violence of cartel activity in Magdalena de Kino, Sonora. I wanted to add to the post by Chivis on the matter, try to give a more detail perspective and historical preview of the complexity of the region. I have posted some media on the BB on Facebook, and some has already been posted by Chivis, so I will try not to be repetitive. Props to the people who brave their lives to record the confrontations, that helps us see what is developing in these events.

To give some understanding of the conflict in Magdalena we must know about the prominent and main driving force behind drug trafficking in the regions of Santa Ana, Imuris and Magdalena, Sonora. I will take you back in time how thing developed in Magdalena, and bring you back to the present, give you a perspective.


This group known as "Los Jabalís" are a group who belong to the Villagrana family. Los Jabalís were responsible for trafficking tons of marijuana and cocaine to the United States, they received planes from Oaxaca and Chiapas for merchandise purchased in Central America, the Caribbean and Colombia, their main supplier. This merchandise was stored in the ranches belonging to the Villagrana family a few kilometers from the US border line.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Caborca ​​and the Paez Family

By Buggs for Borderland Beat

The region of the Heroica Caborca was ​​founded in 1980 made up of 341 towns within its territory, the most important being La Y Griega, El Diamante, El Coyote, Desemboque, Puertos lobos and San Francisquito. It is part of the great sonora desert, touching the border line to the south and southeast with the municipality of Pitiquito, to the east with the municipality of Altar and to the northwest with the municipality of Puerto Peñasco, along with the municipality of General Plutarco Elías Calles. To the extreme northeast it borders with the United States, particularly the Pima County of the state of Arizona.

Within the city, illegal activities are prominent such as drug trafficking and smuggling of undocumented immigrants. Well-known personalities in the Mexican drug trafficking derive from these illicit activities, one of them the renowned Rafael Caro Quintero and his brother Miguel Ángel Caro Quintero who have made Caborca ​​their base to organize and develop all the activities related to drug trafficking.

Warning! Extreme Graphic images of below