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Los Numeros or Los Gueritos of the Enriquez Parra Family

By Buggs for Borderland Beat

Narcocorridos play an important role in the cartel culture, many artists that play narcocorridos have been killed. You can find many articles in Borderland Beat, in some cases the entire group was killed. Many, for just singing corridos paying homage to a rival cartel or some for singing about real time events. Criminal cases have been solved from the messages of these song. One just has to listen to the verses, the writing is in the songs.

This story starts and ends with narcocorridos.

These are some verses of the corrido called  Los Cuatro Grandes or El Cuadro Lavado composed by Darey Castro and his group Los Alteños de la Sierra (video at the end of the page) dedicated to the Enriquez Parra brothers, allied with the Beltran Leyva brothers and associated with El Chapo Guzman and Mayo Zambada. Their home base was the municipality of Navojoa, Sonora and they were the main operators in the south of the state up to the border of Sonoyta and Cananea.

The history of the Enriquez Parra begins with a corrido, the verses of this corrido narrates what their activities were and with whom they were related:

"Cuatro hombres de gran valor
Que aqui se encuentran presentes
Les cantamos sus corridos
Porque en verdad son valientes
Que eso ya esta comprobado
Y hay que tenerlo presente.
Con medio kilo lavado
Daba principio la fiesta
Se oian rugir los motores
De las nuevas camionetas
El año nuevo llegaba
Sonaban las metralletas.
Ahi estaban cuatro grandes
De esos que son chacalosos
Poncho venia de jalisco
Los otros tres de sonora
El 9, el 7 y el diez
Y el chapo mandan ahora.
Las avionetas bajaban
Como si fueran palomas
Puras colas de borrego
Eran lo que transportaban
En el merito sonora
Ya la tenian bien tratada."


"Four men of great worth
they are here present
We sing their corridos
Because they really are brave
That this is already proven
And we have to keep that in mind.
With half a kilo prepared (lavado)
The party began
The engines could be heard roaring
Of the new trucks
The new year was coming
Submachine guns were heard.
At the place were four great ones
Of those who are chacalosos
Poncho came from Jalisco
The other three from sonora
El 9, El 7 and El 10
And El Chapo is in charge now.
The planes were coming down
As if they were pigeons
Pure "colas de borrego"
That is what they were carrying
In Merito Sonora
They already had it well resolved."

In the great heyday of drug trafficking after the escape of El Chapo Guzman and the formation of the so-called Federation that included big time characters of the Sinaloa cartel, the Juarez cartel with their leaders Vicente Carrillo El Viceroy and Rodolfo Carrillo El Niño de Oro.The cartel of Sinaloa was lead by Chapo Guzman, Mayo Zambada, Ignacio Nacho Coronel, Juan Jose Esparragoza El Azul and the Beltran Leyva brothers: Alfredo Beltran Leyva El Mochomo, Arturo Beltran Leyva El Barbas or El Jefe de Jefes and Carlos Beltran Leyva, they were cousins ​​of Chapo Guzman. The Caro Quintero brothers and the Valencia brothers that at the time formed part of the Cartel del Milenio. The had an open war against El Cartel del Golfo of Osiel Cardenas Guillen and his armed wing Los Zetas. There was also conflict with the Arellano Felix brothers of the Cartel de Tijuana.

The Beltran Leyva brothers wove relationships throughout the state of sonora, mainly in Ciudad Obregon, killing El Chipilon who was in charge of the plaza for the Arellano Felix, but also included Navojoa, Nogales, Santa Ana and Agua Prieta. The city of Hermosillo was a hotbed and several operations were conducted by the Tijuana cartel and the Juarez cartel.

 They started to establish plaza bosses by municipalities and organizing small groups in the state for the the purpose of trafficking drugs to the US and sicarios to confront rival cartels.

Among these groups was the Enriquez Parra family or otherwise known as Los Numeros or Los Gueritos. The Salazar family under the command of Don Adan Salazar Zamorano, the brothers Caraveo El Sierra de Yecora and Alamos, the Paredes family and their leader Leo Paredes in Agua Prieta. Also with the Colombian Juan Diego Espinoza Ramirez El Tigre linked to El Cartel Valle Norte de Colombia and his wife Sandra Avila Beltran La Reina del Pacifico niece of Miguel Angel Feliz Gallardo in Ciudad Obregon, Jesus Enriquez Salazar Villa and Salomon Benitez El Licenciado in Hermosillo. They were some of the most well known organizations on the government's radar.

The group of Los Numeros or Los Gueritos were led by:
  • Raul Enriquez Parra El 9.
  • Ildelfonso Enriquez Parra El 10.
  • Wilfrido Enriquez Parra El 7.
  • Daniel Irene Enriquez Parra El 15.
The Enriquez Parra originally from San Bernardo, Alamos first worked under the order of Don Adan Salazar Zamorano but they were betrayed, then the group became independent and looked for another alliance. The Beltran Leyva brothers reached out to them and set them up with El Chapo Guzman. The group of Enriquez Parra were responsible for executions of workers and family members of Don Adam Salazar.

During the war Los Numeros changed their home base to the city of Obregon, Sonora, and formed the structure with plaza bosses in some municipalities:
  • In sonoyta the plaza boss for Los Numeros was Enrique Mota El Kiki.
  • In Cananea the plaza boss was Francisco Hernandez Garcia El 2000.
  • In ciudad Obregon the plaza boss was Jaime Huerta El Jimmy.
  • In caborca the plaza boss was Fernando Vasquez El Viruta.
In the city of Nogales, they abducted a brother of Don Adam Salazar, but he escaped, but was wounded by gunfire. He fled and was treated in a Chihuahua hospital in 2004.

The Enriquez Parra brothers formed squads of sicarios to prevent other cartels to enter or to warn of the arrival of federal police or military forces. This patrols were in Navojoa, Alamos, Los Tanques, San Bernardo, Fundición, El Quiriego, Tepahui and San Juan. In El Fuerte, Sinaloa Los Güeritos rented a house from the Molina Family. You could see the sidewalks full of Cherokees and golden Suburbans.

Los Numeros were the largest drug trafficker organization in Sonora with the help of light aircraft that could reached the Sierra de Tesopaco, Quiriego, Tepoca or the Valle del Yaqui. Their objective was the Sonora international border with the United States. The organization managed to move several drug shipments while on the eye of the military in the cities of Ciudad Obregón, Navojoa, San Bernardo and Alamos at the foot of the mountains. They purchased numerous ranches in between Alamos and San Bernardo.

In the following months there was talk of a possible betrayal of Los Números to El Chapo Guzman upon learning of their activities in the city of Tijuana, supported by Ramon Hernandez. This young man was associated with the Arellano Felix brothers. The Enriquez Parra group had business with the brothers Arellano Felix but they broke with them, returning to the protection of Chapo Guzman. The Arellano Felix brothers did not like the betrayal and retaliated by executing a brother of Enriquez Parra Daniel. Irene Enriquez Parra El 15 was assassinated in Tijuana, Baja California in January 2005.

After this incident, the journalist from the newspaper Diario El Imparcial de Hermosillo, Alfredo Jiménez Mota who specialized in issues of violence and drug trafficking, brought to light an investigation called Los Tres Caballeros (the three gentlemen) where he made reference to the Beltran Leyva brothers, Alfredo, Arturo and Carlos as the ones responsible for the control and distribution of illicit drugs, as well as the men responsible for the violence in the state. The investigation detailed their relations with local groups such as the Enriquez Parra, the Salazars, the Paredes and their collusion with high members of the state and municipal police in charge of security.

Alfredo Jimenez Mota

This angered several members that had been exposed in this investigation that caught the national and international attention of the media. On April 2, 2005 the journalist Alfredo Jiménez Mota was abducted. Jiménez Mota, of only 25 years of age, made some the local drug trafficking organizations tremble, clearly by his journalistic work. Some names were mentioned of possible suspects:

  • David Garzón Anguiano, El Estudiante, designated by Mexican and US authorities as a drug trafficker. 
  • Raúl Fernando Rojas Galván, former sub-delegate of Criminal Procedures of the PGR in Sonora.
  • Reynaldo Zamora Zepeda, former head of Detentions in Flagrancy, of the Sinaloa State Ministerial Police (PME).
  • The group of the Salazar, an organization designated by authorities as a drug trafficking organization.

But there was one mentioned the most, Raul Enriquez Parra El 9. The magazine Proceso published an article in January 2007 that Alfredo's disappearance was ordered to prevent him from publishing recordings of telephone conversations that he expected to receive.  These conversations exposed the collusion between Roberto Tapia Chan, director of the state Judicial Police and Raúl Enríquez Parra, head of the criminal organization of Los Güeritos or Los Números and Ricardo Bours Castelo, brother of the then governor of Sonora, PRI member Eduardo Bours Castelo.

An investigation by the Inter-American Press Association reconstructed the hours prior to the journalist's disappearance: between 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. Alfredo met with Andrés Montoya García, then deputy director-general of the Sonora State Penitentiary System, to talk about the upcoming release of David Garzón Anguiano El Estudiante, a topic he had written about in the newspaper. The last call he received was at 11:04 p.m., was from one of his sources: Raúl Fernando Rojas Galván, who was the PGR's Deputy Delegate for Criminal Procedures.

Enriquez Parra is said to have ordered Gelasio Beltran, Joseluis Esquivel Leal El Avalancha and a person named Güero Tepokas to carry out the abduction. These people were led by El 2000. Jimenez Mota is said to have been buried in one of Raul Enriquez Parra's ranches.

Several leads in the investigation involved the abduction of people led by El 2000. The sisters Palma Morquecho, Elva Nidia and Johanna Guadalupe were allegedly kidnapped in Ciudad Obregón by Wilfrido and Ildefonso Enriquez Parra, Wenceslao, Jesus, Miguel, Rafael Teran and Jesus Darey Castro. They were taken to San Bernardo in Alamos, Sonora. While being interrogated and appearing with the eyes covered, they were forced to listen to conversations where they spoke of the execution of Alfredo Jimenez Mota along with three other people by order of Roberto Tapia Chan. The AFI sent more than 200 police forces to search more than 7 houses in Navojoa, were they seized and confiscated ranches in Los Alamos owned by Raul Enriquez Parra with a value of more than 46 million pesos.

Some of these people involved in this incident from statements in the sisters Palma Morquecho investigation:

  • The Palma Morquecho sisters are sisters of the Macario Palma Morquecho El Macario detained in Agua Prieta, Sonora as the main operator in Agua Prieta and Nogales. Also the current boss of Hermosillo, Sonora is Jose Dolores Palma Morquecho El 05 working for the organization of the Salazars.
  • Jesus Darey Castro is a musician and was part of Los Alteños de la Sierra who composed corridos dedicated to the Enriquez Parra brothers. Darey Castro also founded the group Dareyes de la Sierra. Darey Castro was taken out of Navojoa, Sonora for his relationship with the Enriquez Parra brothers.
  • Wenceslas Teran El 24 was executed in Ciudad Obregón, who had a famous corrido del 24 dedicated to him and performed by various singers.
The man that is said abducted, interrogated, tortured and ordered the execution Alfredo Jiménez Mota, was Raul Enriquez Parra, better Known as El 9, he himself would be abducted, tortured, beaten, and thrown from an air plane, along with three drug traffickers: Rosario Parra Valenzuela, Alfonso Garcia Fernandez, and Hector Alonso Ahumada Martinez in the  community of Masiaca, Navojoa, on October 22, 2005. This incident was a warning from the Sinaloa from their leaders El Chapo Guzman and Mayo Zambada that the betrayals would not be tolerated and to put to an end to the violence that several members in Sonora had unleashed on their own initiative since they were only loyal to Alfredo Beltran Leyva El Mochomo.

The Enriquez Parras group held fronts of battles against the Salazars of Don Adan Salazar Zamorano and the death of his son Abelardo Salazar at the hands of the people of the Enriquez Parra, in Agua Prieta. They executed the leader of the Paredes family, Leo Paredes and three more brothers inside a restaurant, an event in which Francisco Hernandez Garcia was involved in 2000. This brought violence to the cities of Cananea, Naco and Agua Prieta. Shootings, executions and disappearances was the order of the day.

The execution of the drug trafficker of Agua Prieta, Daniel Cuadras, in Caborca ​​by the Enriquez Parra group was as a payback and message to his compadre the director of the state police Roberto Tapia Chan for not honoring agreements with them, they showed the corruption and power of the Enriquez Parra group in Sonora.

The Enriquez Parra group disappeared from the radar and only one member remained, Francisco Hernandez Garcia El 2000, who served as a body guard for the Beltran Leyva brothers during the separation and war that took place due to the dispute between the Beltran Leyva brothers and El Chapo Guzman. El 2000 he was responsible for the command that attacked the city of Cananea on May 17, 2007 with the support of the armed group of Los Zetas of the Gulf Cartel. This was an alliance of the Beltran Leyva brothers and the Gulf Cartel to fight against the Sinaloa cartel. More than 20 trucks attacked the city, they abducted police and people inside the city, that resulted with 22 people being killed, among them 17 gunmen. Also El 2000 was responsible for the death of the commander of Agua Prieta Ramon Tacho Verdugo, as well as the master mind of the massacre of the family Paredes also in Agua Prieta.

El  2000

A member of El 2000 was arrested in Tucson, Arizona, Carlos Molinares Nuñez El Calichi, leader in the city of Naco, Sonora. He was charged with drug trafficking, he was responsible for moving tons of marijuana in the United States. El Calichi was detained at the home of his sister in law. El Calichi had fled after the attacks and reprisals for the deaths in Agua Prieta of the members of the Paredes family. Some houses were burned and people disappeared. The person responsible for this onslaught of the Paredes family was Jose Javier Rascon El Fox who was executed in the city of Agua Prieta. El Calichi was sentenced by kingpin law to 27 years in prison.

El 2000 was detained on February 1, 2016 in Guasave, by federal forces, he was number 99 of 122 wanted as a priority of the federal government in the Enrique Peña Nieto administration in his fight against drug trafficking.

This was the last member who had been active and recognized for being a member of the group of the Enriquez Parra or Los Numeros came to an end.

NOTE: In one of the first presentations of the singer Julion Alvarez in the city of Agua Prieta, Sonora in celebration of a national holidays, the singer began to interpret the corrido of "Cuadro Lavado" (video at the end of the page) dedicated to the Enriquez Parra brothers or Los Numeros in the face of the epicenter of the Paredes family. This happened right in front of the enemies of Los Numeros. In the middle of the song he was stopped by a group of men who shouted to them to stop singing immediately. The singer stopped singing the song and apologized: "excuse me Sir, I apologize to the people that were annoyed, I do not do it with the attempt to annoy anyone," the show then continued. Later, Julion Alvarez went to the table of the men who had stopped him to make his peace.


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