Sunday, July 12, 2020

The Fight for the Sonoran Desert

By Buggs for Borderland Beat

Caborca is the imposing door to the great desert of Sonora. This region is currently experiencing moments of terror due to confrontations from groups of organized crime. Today we will try to recapitulate and explain the details of this war and the reasons for the bitter struggle in the pearl of the desert.

In Caborca along with the coastal areas of Caborca, Altar, Sonoyta, Pitiquito and others is where criminal organizations have formed their defensive walls and bases to operate.

The Battlefront in Caborca.

The city of Caborca is well known for being the home base of the Caro Quintero dynasty. Rafael and Miguel Angel Caro Quintero made Caborca an operational area for the organizations they once led. From here is where the operations started for the group of the Paez Soto family that was led by Pedro Paez Soto and later by Octavio Paez Soto until his death. The group was inherited by his brother Ignacio Paez Soto who was recently arrested. The family relationship between the Caro Quintero and the Paez Soto is very apparent nor as the Paez group is led by the nephew of Rafael and Miguel Angel Quintero, is name is Rodrigo Paez Quintero.

The Understanding of Mexican Drug Cartels and its Operations

Buggs for Borderland Beat

The usual questions are always why is there wars between rival cartels and sometimes, even between the same organization. Sometimes it is difficult to figure out the operations and the decisions made by of some these criminal organizations.

In the drug business of cartels, the common idea is created from groups that make up the same characteristics related to their class or nature, which allows them to establish a relationship of common ground and uniformity between them. And all the groups/cells that are linked to a main cartel obey the orders of a great higher up capo and all operate in the same way, but in reality, the situation is different.

Plazas in Sonora will heat up

By Buggs for Borderland Beat

El Compa Negro is with El Gigio

Monday, July 6, 2020

Tropa del Infierno Killed

#NuevoLaredo #Tamaulipas "Vida Maruchera 3" this is how sicarios from "La Tropa Del Infierno "del C├írtel Del Noreste" #CDN were left, killed by the 16°RCM of the  @SEDENAmx