Sunday, July 12, 2020

Plazas in Sonora will heat up

By Buggs for Borderland Beat

El Compa Negro is with El Gigio

"The truth my friends, when I said hello to El Negro on Saturday, I told him that I already knew that they were going after him and what he told me was, that even the government knew that they were going to fight over the plaza of Rio Sonora, and then, that is why not even the national guard does anything because they are waiting who gets the plaza. What a bad deal that the government knows, that is why there has been no news.They are waiting to see who is going to keep that door, that is how they call it, the door to the border, and the truth, do not go out. What I mean is do not go out for two reasons, for how bad is the situation is, that is why after 3pm lock yourselves, yes, is going to get more uglier yet and among other things what is very bad, I wish El Compa Negro stays there, because the saying says it is better knowing it's bad than good for knowing, but no it's their thing, but stay very alert and rest well, because no one is going to intervene, not the Marines, the military, the national guard or not anyone, and no one knows they are going to fight for la plaza there in El Rio, that is what the brother told me, that is where all the disaster started. A friendly hug my friends, there we are, stay alert, that is all."

El Negro, plaza boss of Ures, people of El Gigio.

"Hey Luis and just to inform you over here moments ago, about 40 50 minutes they killed El Negro in Ures, he was the boss of the plaza and we have family over there, we were told to not to move, is a fucking holy mess. I tell you for in case you are over there for in case you are going to go drinking or you have family that you want to move. Let your family know Luis not to move in any place, they warned us that there is a mess of armed people searching houses, a shit hole, they are looking for the contras there is going to be a fucking mess. I am warning you, let your family know, or watch out, go if you have an out, do not move over there.   also, in Altar there is a fucking convoy, and it's a fucking mess. They threw spikes (to flatten tires) all over the road, they stopped a bunch of buses, it is a fucking mess for over there or over here. It is supposed or they comment that is a new cartel that is coming from the south and they are cleaning with all this shit, take good care good care of yourselves and do not travel if is not necessary, if you have a trip to make or need to go outside, postpone them. Take care of yourself and there Let your family know, so nothing will happen to them. Have a good afternoon old man!"

Hundreds of spike thrown in the middle of the highway by sicarios flatten tires of trucks in Altar and Caborca.

Source: Sonora Informativo

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