Friday, August 21, 2020

Searching for Fernando Valenzuela

 I received a video that I am trying to determine the legitimacy.  It has some detail information and it's different in that the person in the video reveals his face at the end.

The Taliban are from the community of Buenos Aires  in Nogales, they belong to El Tunco group affiliated with the Gigio but they tell me that there is no known internal fight, El Timo and Atilano are people of El 20's, El Timo is in a Lomas de Anda neighborhood and El Atilano in charge of light aircraft in Imuris. The funny thing is that they wear jackets and vests, it may have been recorded in winter so it may not be recent. I'm still looking for more information.

The word is that the people of El 20 went in search for Fernando Valenzuela, a drug sicario in the Pueblo Nuevo neighborhood, he accuses the sicario of killing the child and the authorities are also covering the sicario and incriminating Fernando. It is unknown why the sicario were looking for him.

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